jh rudolph safety


At J. H. Rudolph & Company, Inc., we strive to create a work culture promoting an injury-free environment and providing the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and all others who encounter our construction sites. Our main safety goal is to have every employee go home from each of our jobs as safe and healthy as they arrived.

We are dedicated to the attaining the highest standards our industry calls for in safety. Our safety program includes:

  • Top management commitment and involvement,
  • A full time safety professional on-staff,
  • Safety Training for all Supervisors,
  • Safety Training for all general employees,
  • Pre-job safety planning,
  • Safe worker involvement programs,
  • Safety Incentive Programs,
  • Subcontractor management,
  • Incident Investigation and Resolution,
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing.

J.H. Rudolph & Co., Inc. is a member of the Tri-State Industrial Safety Council. To be a member of this organization, companies must require all employees who enter their job sites to attend ARSC (American Reciprocal Safety Council) Basic Safety Orientation Plus Training. We also require all employees to wear Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, steel-toed shoes, safety vests, etc.) on all job sites, as well.

J.H. Rudolph requires all supervisors to hold their OSHA 10 Hour Safety Cards.

You can be assured that when you see a J.H. Rudolph & Co., Inc. crew, safety is our priority.