NAPA Dispels Some Myths at GreenRoads Summit

     During last month’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas, FHWA and EPA co-sponsored an all-day GreenRoads Summit. Both concrete and asphalt industries were represented and provided an industry perspective at the beginning of the Summit. NAPA’s Howard Marks took this opportunity to dispel some of the ongoing myths regarding environmental sustainability of different pavement materials. Specifically, three messages were conveyed: 1) pavement type (asphalt vs. concrete) does not make a difference on impacts to vehicle fuel economy – smoothness is the overwhelming characteristic that impacts the fuel use of vehicles traveling over the nation’s roadways; 2) pavement color is not determinative of urban heat island effects; and 3) we need to focus on more basic concepts: reduce, reuse, and recycle – all of which asphalt pavements excel at. NAPA will be providing this type of similar information in a series of upcoming webinars.

(Information provided by NAPA)