JHR to Pave Newly Widened Stretch of US 60 in Henderson, KY

Today’s temps hit a high of 77, reminding us of prime paving weather. Our Operators, Laborers & Truck Drivers can tell you first hand that a nice breeze, tolerable temperature and clear sky make for a perfect day to be out paving in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. We’re not quite ready to get things started up, but we are looking forward to starting work on US 60 in Henderson, KY. We’ll be placing base, intermediate and surface on a newly widened stretch of the road from KY 425 to a mile south. Our Green River Road Asphalt Plant will be churning out the asphalt needed to complete this project as soon as we can get started.

Our Green River Road Plant will be supplying asphalt for the US 60 project.